Grandparenting Ideas

Here are a few ideas of activities I have done with my granddaughters. I have included some items I have made for them and a few other bits and pieces. I hope they are helpful in giving you some inspiration for what you can do with or make for your grandchildren. As my little grandson is only a newborn baby at this stage I haven't included any items specifically for boys but there is a treasure trove of ideas on Pinterest Crafts for Boys and Pinterest Sewing for Boys and you can get lots of inspiration from Dana's Celebrate the Boy. Enjoy your grandchildren and make some happy memories.

A Day With Nanna

French Knitting

I wrote this story for my granddaughter's birthday

Night Lights 

Pillowcase Mattress

Pom-Pom Tutu

Quiet Book 

Rag Quilt

Teaching children to knit

Teaching children to sew 

The Circle Skirt

The Long Distance Grandma 

Sew a Quick and Easy Girl's Skirt

Yo-Yo Necklace


  1. I love your site! The stories you have written for the kids are truly wonderful and I bet you could get them published! I just love all the little "artsy" stuff on here too. Hope you are having a wonderful trip visiting with the family.
    Love Linnette


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